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Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia Treatment In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Medicine Pack of 30 Days (1 Month) @ Rs. 5499

Insomnia Treatment

Treatment for insomnia consists of improving sleep habits, behavior therapy and identifying and treating underlying causes. Sleeping pills may also be used but should be monitored for side effects.

Insomnia itself is actually a symptom, not a disease. It refers to being aware and concerned with how much sleep you are getting or how well you sleep at night. This is often due to difficulties falling or staying asleep.

To effectively treat insomnia, you will work closely alongside one of our Ayurvedic doctors to diagnose exactly what is happening within your body. A variety of tools is utilized to form a thorough diagnosis, which then informs treatment. Depending on the severity of the insomnia being experienced, the treatment protocol will focus on restoring the balance of the body and the normal, healthy functioning of the tissues.

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